Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mission experiences...

It's been busy in the Employment Center. Since the holidays we've been busy learning about the new church employment site. It's a great new job site and it's going to be another great resource the church has made. The church is always ready and prepared for what we need.
I've been having some wonderful experiences lately. A few months ago a man came into the center looking for work. It wasn't long before we found out he was homeless and in need of a lot more than a job. We've worked with him for a few months now. He hangs around the Bishop's Storehouse and the peanut butter factory and helps out whenever he is needed. He gets a few free meals. Randy Ellis, in the peanut butter factory, found him a bicycle to ride and given him a few jobs here and there to keep him going.
He started taking the missionary lessons a few months back. He came in the other day and Sister Lish and I helped him find his parents birth dates and death dates on the church website. When we found this information and gave it to him he cried and thanked us over and over again. He needed this information for his baptismal paper work. Earl Jefferys was baptized Saturday. He came into the office and asked if Sister Lish and I would come to his baptism and say the prayers for him. Of course, I was honored. It is such a wonderful experience to see people accept the gospel and to see what a blessing it is in their lives. It has already changed him so much. He seems to have more joy in his life and he smiles so much more.

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Vadney Family said...

That is so wonderful that you were willing and did make such a difference in this man's life.