Sunday, August 9, 2009

My roommate is Sister Higham, she's a very sweet lady. She's from Logan, Utah, she's about 72 and this is her second mission. She works in the Mission Home. Then Sister Lish works in the Employment Center with me. She's lots of fun. She's from Idaho. She's about 56 years old. Then Steve Stott is the Employment Resource Center manager and Alex Lamar is the Assistant manager. The couple is Bro and Sister Walker. They were in the MTC with me. They will be working at different locations as need throughout Houston. I just love them, they are the nicest people, they're from Delaware. They will be here for 23 months.

My first week in the mission field. I've been really busy and trying to get settled in. When I arrived last weekend I met everyone in the mission home and the employment center. I got a tour of the bishop's storehouse and the cannery. They will be canning peanut butter here in a few weeks when the crops come in. I can hardly wait. Our apartment is very nice, it's called Cypress Lakes. We live on the bottom floor.